2018, I’m back



Happy New Year 2018 everyone! hope you’re all ready for this new amazing year!

It’s been quite a while since my last post but now, time to get back on the whole blog thing, hope you will appreciate my work ūüôā


– signing off –





Seeing everything falling to pieces, being both angry and confused, spending so many nights restlessly thinking about us. Really.  Words cannot describe what my heart is going through at this moment.

This post is addressed to you, that specific person whom I have in mind. Having known you for more than a year now, I could not possibly imagine that we would come to this point one day and I know that things were not always perfect between us but I somehow thought that you would realise how I feel about you.

But oh man! How wrong was I!

First, let me put it clearly, the blame is not on you.

Spending time with you allowed me to learn more about you. Yeah if I had to describe you in a few words, you are a¬†truly¬†amazing person, cute, quite¬†smart,ambitious, and above all, very mysterious, something which always made me wonder what was on your mind at every moment. Months went by so quickly and we became close, but not close enough for me to get to kiss you or hold your hand, which I now bitterly regret.Then came these times where you would choose not to talk to me, either because you were too busy talking to other people, or simply ignoring me, but it’s alright, I guess I understand why.

Remember those times where you requested my help and I was there for you? I keep asking myself where you were when I was down or when I badly needed you? Frequently coming up with excuses saying that you had things to do obviously started making me doubt your sincerity, after all, why would someone help you if he or she does not care about you?

So many unanswered requests from my part suddenly allowed me to realise that, all this time, you were using me because of my smartness and independence for your own ends.


Now that you are telling me that you have other plans on mind which do not have us in them, it is an obvious sign that we were just a temporary thing and that you were already thinking of moving on. What will happen next? Nobody knows.

To sum this up, it is simple. Everything between was just an illusion. False signals were being exchanged without anyone of us taking the time to talk it out. We now need to sort it out and decide what to do.

Wish you a good night.

~ signing off ~


One day for the Mother?


Okay. So, Mother’s day was quite some time ago (my bad. totally forgot to post this earlier) and as in every year, we could see how moms were being cherished. Songs being dedicated to them on the radio, cute¬†“I love you Mom” messages and pictures being shared on social media and seeing families spending some time together and so on.

Sit back and think about this: is doing the things mentioned above the best way we can find to thank the person who gave us life?

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that every mother will appreciate thoughts given to her/ a¬†good flower bouquet /sweet-smelling perfume/ thank you¬†cards/ other little gifts but these things are so common nowadays that many people might just rush to get their mothers some¬†last minute¬†items¬†instead of actually¬†taking time to find a proper gift.

What does the word mother really mean to you?

First of all, mothers are the ones who give birth to people on¬†earth, including you and me and because of this, they deserve all the respect and love in the world as they have to endure tremendous pain and suffering during pregnancy. Let’s not forget the early years of childhood, where they have feed and look after their kids, including not sleeping at all ¬†because of their¬†babies who scream at odd¬†hours during the night.

A mother is a wonderful multitasker; working at her workplace, then returning home to cook, iron clothes, wash dishes, clean the house,and to look after her kids are only a few examples of what a mother does in her daily life. Seriously, how can mothers manage all of that? Only a mother knows the answer (laughs).

Mothers sometimes do small things for us which we don’t usually acknowledge correctly. Who has ever shouted: “MOM I’M HUNGRY?” and finding your mother approaching with some food? or “MOM I CANNOT FIND MY …. ?” and that your mother comes to you¬†with the lost item or suddenly seeing the lost item¬†before your eyes? We often overlook these tiny details of our daily lives but a mother knows everything about us. Aching stomach? Mom’s here for you. Crying because of a breakup? Mom’s a good listener. Fever? Mom stays up by your side to care for you.

Nowadays, it is sad to hear teenagers deliberately saying that they hate their mothers for not understanding anything. Mothers care for us, and in their eyes, we will always be kids, even after we get married and have kids too. They have so much love in them that in times of need, they would wait for their children to get enough food before eating. They would give up their clothes to make sure that their children do not get cold. They would do everything.

That is why we should not wait for Mother’s day to go buy¬†some easy gifts¬†for our mothers.

Preparing¬†breakfast or any other meal, helping to do house chores, or even a simple good morning or a kiss on the cheek are¬†much more meaningful to her ūüôā

Make this a daily thing.

~ signing off ~







For her.

Hello.girl with the pretty smile.

How are you?

I don’t know if you are ever going to read this, but anyway. I am laying down my most sincere thoughts, hoping that one day you will see this :]

I am so glad that you and I met that one day. Was it a coincidence? Who knows.

Seeing you for the first time was just WOW.literally. No words could come out of my mouth.(Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit) but really ,it was one of the best moments of my life so far

Now that we have grown and learnt about each other, things are a bit weird.

There are times when I really want to talk to you, but then, it looks like I am annoying you, so I just back off. Other times, we can be laughing and joking, and suddenly, it all stops..and then there are these times where we can’t explain what is happening.

When I get to hang out with you, those are my favourite moments, us sharing food, doing small talks, mmm

I wish we could become much closer, where you and I want to spend time together amidst obstacles, calling each other pet names, yearning for each other’s voice.

Let’s make things work between us, instead of letting the future decide of our fate.

One last thing.I love you.

~ signing off ~


When you need to let go.


Being hurt is a terrible thing to experience, causing us pain both physically or emotionally. There are so many things present out there which can harm us, however, this particular post will focus more about emotional pain, especially about not being loved back.

Falling in love is such an easy thing to do Рone day, at your workplace or at school, you see someone attractive to your eyes and it only takes a few seconds for your heart to be convinced that this person (a girl for example) is the right one for you. Your brain struggles to process what is happening and you slowly realize that you cannot get her out of your head. Things go on and on and after thinking it through, you build up your courage and go to tell her that you have feelings for her, only to realise that the feeling is not mutual.

A truly heartbreaking moment.

What happens next is maybe the most troubling thing a person can go through: not wanting to do anything with his or her life; not wanting to go to bed, no hunger, total loss of motivation for studies or work, isolation, hence, no self-care at all. You cannot stop thinking what you did wrong for such a thing to happen and it eats you from the inside.

However, these are just small steps in our personal growth and we¬†should definitely not allow them to destroy our¬†life. Not getting the love you want? It’s a totally normal thing to feel. What if you don’t get this one? There will be many more to come in the future.¬†It may take days, months, or even years to forget something¬†but the only way to feel better is to let go of this painful circumstance and go on with your life.

So just take some time, forget everything and live a happy life ūüôā

~signing off~


Quick thoughts – My poor little heart



Why does my heart throb whenever I think of her?

I met this person a little less than a year ago. It was so strange, a glance at her and suddenly everything about her seemed so beautiful. Her great smile, her contagious laughs, and her flowing hair; the thoughts rushing through my brain kept telling me to build up some courage and go talk to her.

And fortunately, I did that.

Slowly, we spent time knowing each other, hanging out together, texting each other until we fell asleep *laughs*, and all of that changed us from total strangers into acquaintances, then into something beyond simple friendship.

I wish deeply in my heart that we will stay together as there’s nothing I can think¬†of¬†except from her that can make me smile anytime of the day.

When life gives you such good moments, take your time and enjoy these opportunities because they happen so quickly. In the blink of an eye, it’s all gone, except for the trail of memories written¬†in our brain.

~ signing off ~




I recently had a discussion with a good friend of mine, laughing about random stuff, and talking about gaming and studies when suddenly, my friend¬†asked me this question: “Do you trust me?”

A rather unusual question to ask, right?

I was astonished and surprised at the same time¬†because¬†we were friends for quite some time (and still are)¬†and it should be obvious that I would trust him. I replied :”Yes, without a doubt”.

The mood of the conversation changed instantly. With a serious face and low voice, he started to confide in me. The hardships at school and with friends, all those were being said and I was listening carefully. It was only at that moment that I realised how much my friend was really struggling in his life and needed much help.

All of this would not have been possible without trust. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship, without it, there is no genuine connection between two people.

The people around you can greet you with a smile, but deep within them, they might be hurt or be going through some very tough times and who knows what could happen if they lose all hope in life.

That is why we, as friends and relatives, need to approach them, spend some quality time with them and allow trust to grow so that they feel at ease and know there is someone who will listen to them and help them.


~ signing off ~