Random act of kindness


During one particular afternoon, I was in the bus at the bus terminal and something rather unexpected happened, not to me, but to a person nearby.

That person was an old lady, strolling back and forth outside of the bus, and asking for help from the bus terminal supervisors. She badly needed to go to a certain hospital but did not know which bus to take.

I saw her entering the same bus in which I was sitting (Note that this bus does not stop by the hospital). She sat down and immediately started asking the other passengers if this was the correct bus. Of course, it wasn’t the correct bus, and the lady was confused as she never took the bus before to go to the hospital, and soon, she started panicking.

A few minutes later, it was time for my bus to leave the bus station and the bus receiver and some trainees got on the bus. Seeing the lady moving around, they asked her what was the problem. She told them she had to go to the hospital urgently but had no idea which bus to take.The bus receiver and his trainees immediately told the lady to rest assured, they would get her there, even if it was not on their planned route.

The old lady started weeping loudly and telling herself that she doesn’t know anything, but a bus trainee who is a woman went to sit besides her and started talking to her and comforting her. A middle-aged couple sitting behind the old lady also joined into the conversation and soon after, there were no more tears.

Then, it was time for me to get off the bus and I don’t know what happened to that lady afterwards.But seeing the bus driver and his team unexpectedly change their usual route to get a person in need to her destination is truly amazing and they deserve being thanked for their act of kindness.


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