Weird way of talking on the phone

Smartphones or old obsolete vector-of-a-cartoon-walking-businessman-talking-on-a-cell-phone-outlined-coloring-page-by-ron-leishman-21330cellphones (*cough*No**cough*kia) are now a very important part of a person’s life, either young or old and of course, we can use them to play games, check the weather forecast and send text messages.

However, something which seems so ordinary, yet perplex is the way of talking on a phone. There’s the old fashioned way; talking with the phone at the ear, and there are the weirder ways, such as the talkie-walkie method.


The talkie-walkie method is really bizarre, as per my opinion. I have personally seen this in action and here is how it goes;

Someone gets a call, picks up his phone and places it to his ear,pretty normal stuff. Then this person only listens for a while and after that, he places his phone in front of his mouth as if he is eating a toast and speaks at the bottom of the phone. Afterwards, he places the phone back to his ear to listen to a response, and it goes on like this until the call is ended.

This really intrigues me as the people doing it are not only elderly people but also youngsters and adults.Maybe they didn’t learn the regular way or maybe it is their choice but still..

To anyone using the talkie-walkie method: You are somewhat weird but remember, you are not alone in this world 🙂


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