I recently had a discussion with a good friend of mine, laughing about random stuff, and talking about gaming and studies when suddenly, my friend asked me this question: “Do you trust me?”

A rather unusual question to ask, right?

I was astonished and surprised at the same time because we were friends for quite some time (and still are) and it should be obvious that I would trust him. I replied :”Yes, without a doubt”.

The mood of the conversation changed instantly. With a serious face and low voice, he started to confide in me. The hardships at school and with friends, all those were being said and I was listening carefully. It was only at that moment that I realised how much my friend was really struggling in his life and needed much help.

All of this would not have been possible without trust. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship, without it, there is no genuine connection between two people.

The people around you can greet you with a smile, but deep within them, they might be hurt or be going through some very tough times and who knows what could happen if they lose all hope in life.

That is why we, as friends and relatives, need to approach them, spend some quality time with them and allow trust to grow so that they feel at ease and know there is someone who will listen to them and help them.


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7 thoughts on “Trust

  1. People in today’s world seem to have forgotten that listening and understanding are two very different things. You see, we hear things everyday. But we tend to forget that there are a lot of things that go behind any particular remark. Things that we do not see, hence do not understand.
    And yes. Trust is essential for any relationship, of any kind, to work.
    Parents, friend, love, siblings, anything. Trust is something like a building block to making and establishing a strong foundation.
    When you get some time, make sure to drop by our blog.
    Cheers. Happy writing. 🙂

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