When you need to let go.


Being hurt is a terrible thing to experience, causing us pain both physically or emotionally. There are so many things present out there which can harm us, however, this particular post will focus more about emotional pain, especially about not being loved back.

Falling in love is such an easy thing to do – one day, at your workplace or at school, you see someone attractive to your eyes and it only takes a few seconds for your heart to be convinced that this person (a girl for example) is the right one for you. Your brain struggles to process what is happening and you slowly realize that you cannot get her out of your head. Things go on and on and after thinking it through, you build up your courage and go to tell her that you have feelings for her, only to realise that the feeling is not mutual.

A truly heartbreaking moment.

What happens next is maybe the most troubling thing a person can go through: not wanting to do anything with his or her life; not wanting to go to bed, no hunger, total loss of motivation for studies or work, isolation, hence, no self-care at all. You cannot stop thinking what you did wrong for such a thing to happen and it eats you from the inside.

However, these are just small steps in our personal growth and we should definitely not allow them to destroy our life. Not getting the love you want? It’s a totally normal thing to feel. What if you don’t get this one? There will be many more to come in the future. It may take days, months, or even years to forget something but the only way to feel better is to let go of this painful circumstance and go on with your life.

So just take some time, forget everything and live a happy life 🙂

~signing off~




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