One day for the Mother?


Okay. So, Mother’s day was quite some time ago (my bad. totally forgot to post this earlier) and as in every year, we could see how moms were being cherished. Songs being dedicated to them on the radio, cute “I love you Mom” messages and pictures being shared on social media and seeing families spending some time together and so on.

Sit back and think about this: is doing the things mentioned above the best way we can find to thank the person who gave us life?

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that every mother will appreciate thoughts given to her/ a good flower bouquet /sweet-smelling perfume/ thank you cards/ other little gifts but these things are so common nowadays that many people might just rush to get their mothers some last minute items instead of actually taking time to find a proper gift.

What does the word mother really mean to you?

First of all, mothers are the ones who give birth to people on earth, including you and me and because of this, they deserve all the respect and love in the world as they have to endure tremendous pain and suffering during pregnancy. Let’s not forget the early years of childhood, where they have feed and look after their kids, including not sleeping at all  because of their babies who scream at odd hours during the night.

A mother is a wonderful multitasker; working at her workplace, then returning home to cook, iron clothes, wash dishes, clean the house,and to look after her kids are only a few examples of what a mother does in her daily life. Seriously, how can mothers manage all of that? Only a mother knows the answer (laughs).

Mothers sometimes do small things for us which we don’t usually acknowledge correctly. Who has ever shouted: “MOM I’M HUNGRY?” and finding your mother approaching with some food? or “MOM I CANNOT FIND MY …. ?” and that your mother comes to you with the lost item or suddenly seeing the lost item before your eyes? We often overlook these tiny details of our daily lives but a mother knows everything about us. Aching stomach? Mom’s here for you. Crying because of a breakup? Mom’s a good listener. Fever? Mom stays up by your side to care for you.

Nowadays, it is sad to hear teenagers deliberately saying that they hate their mothers for not understanding anything. Mothers care for us, and in their eyes, we will always be kids, even after we get married and have kids too. They have so much love in them that in times of need, they would wait for their children to get enough food before eating. They would give up their clothes to make sure that their children do not get cold. They would do everything.

That is why we should not wait for Mother’s day to go buy some easy gifts for our mothers.

Preparing breakfast or any other meal, helping to do house chores, or even a simple good morning or a kiss on the cheek are much more meaningful to her 🙂

Make this a daily thing.

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