Getting your first followers on WordPress


A first post, then a second one, then a third one and so on.

Writing stuff on a blog is cool as you are free to express yourself and allow people to react to what you are saying, but when you have no followers, it makes you feel as if you are writing stuff for no purpose.

That is how I was feeling recently, because I had already written 5 posts and still had no followers at all…until I started to comment on stuff which other people posted. This human interaction allowed myself to be noticed in this vast digital world and suddenly, my view count went from 1 to 40.

I was surprised and happy at the same time,as I knew that what I wrote was being read by someone else. This really encouraged me to continue the blogging process and who knows till when this will be a thing.

To conclude,being able to write down your thoughts and sharing them to the whole world is amazing. That is the magic of blogging.

A big thank you to everyone who is taking some of his or her precious time to read my posts.



~signing off~



Beautiful Silence

silence_0When you love someone, it is most likely that you would want to constantly be in touch with that person, and the most common way to do this is by talking, or texting one another. I am not saying that you should not do these things, on the contrary, it allows you to know more about each other and develop a strong bond between you two.

However, what do you do when you don’t know what to talk about?

It can happen that you run out of things to talk, whether you have already said a lot of stuff or when a bad thing happens. In most cases, people then start talking about random stuff and it can sometimes make the other person get bored or annoyed as there is no real conversation going on. That is where the “silence” part comes in.

Being silent in a conversation might sound strange; when people are silent, it often means that they are either angry or annoyed or even bored. However, in the right occasions, being silent can be quite appreciated. For example, when you do not know what to talk about, staying silent can allow the other person to get some freedom to do his or her things and after some time, the conversation will get going between you two.You can then ask what they have been doing, or how they are right now.

Staying silent can also allow you to reflect on your relationship with that person. Is it too hard not to talk to each other? If so, you will immediately realise how much that person counts for you and you will appreciate all the time spent with him/her.

So, take some time off your conversations and stay silent while thinking about your partner.

~signing off~


Weird way of talking on the phone

Smartphones or old obsolete vector-of-a-cartoon-walking-businessman-talking-on-a-cell-phone-outlined-coloring-page-by-ron-leishman-21330cellphones (*cough*No**cough*kia) are now a very important part of a person’s life, either young or old and of course, we can use them to play games, check the weather forecast and send text messages.

However, something which seems so ordinary, yet perplex is the way of talking on a phone. There’s the old fashioned way; talking with the phone at the ear, and there are the weirder ways, such as the talkie-walkie method.


The talkie-walkie method is really bizarre, as per my opinion. I have personally seen this in action and here is how it goes;

Someone gets a call, picks up his phone and places it to his ear,pretty normal stuff. Then this person only listens for a while and after that, he places his phone in front of his mouth as if he is eating a toast and speaks at the bottom of the phone. Afterwards, he places the phone back to his ear to listen to a response, and it goes on like this until the call is ended.

This really intrigues me as the people doing it are not only elderly people but also youngsters and adults.Maybe they didn’t learn the regular way or maybe it is their choice but still..

To anyone using the talkie-walkie method: You are somewhat weird but remember, you are not alone in this world 🙂


~ signing off ~



Random act of kindness


During one particular afternoon, I was in the bus at the bus terminal and something rather unexpected happened, not to me, but to a person nearby.

That person was an old lady, strolling back and forth outside of the bus, and asking for help from the bus terminal supervisors. She badly needed to go to a certain hospital but did not know which bus to take.

I saw her entering the same bus in which I was sitting (Note that this bus does not stop by the hospital). She sat down and immediately started asking the other passengers if this was the correct bus. Of course, it wasn’t the correct bus, and the lady was confused as she never took the bus before to go to the hospital, and soon, she started panicking.

A few minutes later, it was time for my bus to leave the bus station and the bus receiver and some trainees got on the bus. Seeing the lady moving around, they asked her what was the problem. She told them she had to go to the hospital urgently but had no idea which bus to take.The bus receiver and his trainees immediately told the lady to rest assured, they would get her there, even if it was not on their planned route.

The old lady started weeping loudly and telling herself that she doesn’t know anything, but a bus trainee who is a woman went to sit besides her and started talking to her and comforting her. A middle-aged couple sitting behind the old lady also joined into the conversation and soon after, there were no more tears.

Then, it was time for me to get off the bus and I don’t know what happened to that lady afterwards.But seeing the bus driver and his team unexpectedly change their usual route to get a person in need to her destination is truly amazing and they deserve being thanked for their act of kindness.


~signing off~


Unrequited love


Anyone in his or her life must have encountered that word or experienced what it’s like to have a crush on someone. Life revolves around that person, and you simply cannot think of anything else except about the latter. Time goes on, and things are usually good when you have a crush on a person who happens to be single, but when that one person suddenly gets a boyfriend/girlfriend, a scream suddenly rushes through your mind : “NOOOOOOO” or “WHYYY MEEE”

Sounds unfair right? You spent so much time investing in that person (let’s say a girl) emotionally and then KABAM!, she is with another person .Agony, loss of self-confidence, sadness start to appear and alse that pesky playlist of all the sad songs you made just in case.

You start thinking of what you did wrong or who is that person -PS: Stalker Alert! Checking every social media available, Facebook and Instagram mainly,inspecting every photo of them closely,reading their comments,emojis,likes. (-super creepy-)

However, this is not the end of the world! Your crush likes another person, so what? This does not mean that there are no other girls as good or better than her.

So, lift up your head,  wipe your tears, blow your nose, and get up and move on. Who knows, maybe in the future you will meet that crush again (perhaps single again?)  and be together 🙂


~ signing off ~


My First Blog

Writing a blog for the first time is always stressful. Some people may find it hard to find a topic to write on, or others might have difficulties with the whole blog setup, especially the part of finding a good blog name (laughs)

All those things I just mentioned are only small obstacles any blogger might face and well, its time to start somewhere someday.

This is me.

I am a simple person, i love my life, my family and my friends.


I am starting this blog with the hope of getting to know more about people and what goes through their perplex mind.Sharing your thoughts on a subject is fascinating as it opens the mind to various perspectives.

Be kind to me as I go through this path of creative blogging.